Sunday, May 31, 2009

You and Me.


* Suddenly so many blog posts.
Maybe it is to keep me occupied.
Maybe it is to distract my mind from thinking too much.

I don't understand

why the world needs Twitter.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Are you feeling antsy?

Are you feeling antsy?

Semester 2, 2009


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday, May 02, 2009

It suddenly

feels weird not to do anything. I don't have to think about studying but there is always that voice reminding me that.."Oi, Adelene, you need to study!" It's a nice kind of feeling :)

Lately, I don't feel like blogging here. I've been rather conscious of what I should say here. Gone where the days where I used to rant and ramble like nobody's business. It's none of your business anyway..hmmM.

It's just that of lately, people intimidate very easily. I don't know why.
Oh well. The spark will come soon. One day I hope so.

* I just deleted a very long paragraph. I think it's not right for me to vent my frustrations here. I was having a very bleh moment. *

This morning after the Orang Asli Satuday School, during lunch I lepak-ed with 4 orang asli girls and 1 boy at the biggest supermarket in Banting. My parents and I had KFC with them and then after that 6 of us went jalan-jalan around the place. It was a very new and humbling experience. It was good cos' the girls were quite open to share about their life.

Some of them had KFC only once, some never. They have never tried McDonalds or pizza. It is quite hard for them to go to town because it is so far. One girl has lung problem and has been skipping school. One girl spends at least RM 20 per month on handphone topups. The only boy who is standard 2 is smarter than all the bigger girls. One 11 year old girl caught me by surprise when she said the word 'UNDERSTOOD'. Why? Because it is a very LONG English word and it is in PAST TENSE.

There is hope for them, I know it.

I miss my college. Images of my room, my bed, my table and every corner of college, even the monkeys-they all keep appearing in my mind. Sigh. I did not have a proper goodbye. Sad.

Yesterday, Dad told me it was his last time driving in and out of UM, after 20 years. First he sent Tim to Mad Med school. Then Mike to Engine school. Amelia to Rock school and finally me. God has been so good to all of us. And Dad always reminds me to always seek first the Kingdom of God and ALL these things shall be added to you.

Come back to God. He will take care of you even through storms like this.


Monday begins a new kind of life. Work. Driving to work. Meeting colleagues. Meeting students. Doing lesson plans. Executing lesson plans. Staying at (pregnant) sister's house. Helping her in different ways. Internet-less. Astro-less.
Read. Read. Read.



It didn't take too long for the spark to come. I ranted a bit and rambled a lot.


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