Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I can tell you, ever since this year started, every week there will be at least one person(sometimes more) who will ask me that question.

And my answer will be a 'no'.

When will it be a 'yes'?

I wonder when.

Still wishing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank You

Okay I've been so moody lately. Because of certain circumstances.

Yeah it's wrong.

I realise I'm lacking in 'thankfulness'. I seldom thank God for so many things.

For the weeks that have passed by, I thank God for...
  • friends who make me smile and laugh, keep me sane, make my life more colourful.
  • being able to join the college choir. I enjoyed it to a certain degree minus the hours of practices and to lose in the end. But the most important thing is being able to interact with some people. I know I've been so quiet during practices but I thank God that I was able to have short conversations with a few people.
  • having a good 2nd committee meeting (I think...) last Thursday. I felt it was good. Don't know about the rest. And this reminds me of a certain incident involving 3 people...one whose face looked like a tomato during...hehe
  • a good Leaders Training Retreat. I enjoyed it so much despite of the planning and work. It was different compared to the previous 2 LTRs I've attended.
  • funny and weird situations. Example, a monkey walking into my room. Friends making lame and silly jokes. Lecturers making funny and weird statements.
  • my family. My daddy and mummy and the rest of them. I miss my mother although she doesn't know it. 2 more weeks before comes back from Sabah.
  • small surprises from different people.
  • reminders from God. Reminders that were forgotton or neglected by me.
  • being able to take pictures of so many things. Today I took pictures of monkeys and a water tank. Ok. Let me rephrase it. MONKEYS IN WATER TANK. (will post it up one day)
  • food to eat everyday.
  • a good Orang Asli Saturday School last week. They were so well behaved.
  • having joy in me although circumstances around me can be so duh and bleh

Thank You, Lord!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"The JOY of the Lord is my STRENGTH!"



Oh dear. UM is like a desert. Everyday we have to scramble to look for water in college. And it's like 'Praise the Lord!' when there's water in the shower. And we have developed muscles on our arms because we have to carry pails of water up the stairs.

The irony is:
-When it rains, the taps are still dry. Not a single drop of water.
-As soon as you walk out the gates/fences of UM, there is water in the surrounding buildings.
Me and my room-mates were talking. It's just like in the kampung. You come back from class(school in the kampungs), and then you have to walk quite a distance to the ONLY pipe (perigi in the kampungs) that has water to get water. Oh, and sometimes, this pipe doesn't even have water.

And it's been like this since the semester started.
Oh good!

Besides that, everything is OK I guess. 4th college choir didn't even get a placing. From 2nd to 5th to nothing. Good. Very good.

And tiredness is already creeping in.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm de-stressing.

In a split second, this was how it looked like.
Location: C 104, Kolej Kediaman Keempat, Universiti Malaya
Date: 4th January 2008
Time: Approximately 11:03am
Human beings :
Me-Doing work
Lin-Doing work
Alli-Looking at the mirror and combing hair
Animal: 'It'(A primate)-Contempleting what to do
Distance between human being Alli and 'It': Approx 30cm
Estimated loss: One packet of Maggi mee

-sneaked in quietly. No noise.
-saw 3 girls. Couldn't bother.
-saw shelf. saw soap powder, Nescafe and a bag with 6 Maggi mee packets.
-chose bag of Maggi mee.
-6 packets too many. One is enough.

Human being Alli:
-Was looking at the mirror.
-('It' came in.)
-Was still looking at mirror.
-('It' contemplating what to do.)
-Was still looking at mirror.
-('It' chose Maggi Mee)
-Was still looking at mirror
-Thought it was a cat.
-Turned. Screamed. ('It' almost had a heart attack.)

Human beings ajw and Lin:
-Oblivious at what was happening.
-Turned after human being Alli screamed.
-Laughed like mad after that.

It only happens in UM.


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