Saturday, November 02, 2013

I have many unfinished drafts with the hope of posting them here one day. Looks like they are for my eyes only..for now. I'm just too lazy to finish those drafts. Probably this will end up as a draft too...
Had a very interesting day today. Breakfast at Morib, enjoyed the morning breeze in Morib beach, bought some famous kerepek from the kerepek house in Kanchong Darat, drove to Sri Cheeding (luckily I didn't bump into some Mangosteen rogues), visited the OA church in Busut Baru, visited all the OA villages (Sri Cheeding, Kemandol, Pulau Kempas). What made it more pleasant was that I spent it together with my parents.
My heart goes out for the OA kids. I now understand why they are so often late to school. Their houses are about less than 30 km from the main road and then about 10km to Mangosteen school. What's worst  is, these kids have to walk some 3km out of their kampong to wait for the school bus. Despite all the trouble and time spent, these kids have almost full attendance in school. They put the other students to shame.

It's time to buck up.

 I feel that I am becoming stupid. It's as if my mind is like a desert, devoid of life. It's like you can almost hear the crickets chirping in a quiet place. I feel like my life is wasting away. There are so many changes happening to me now, physically. Loss of hair. Loss of memory. It affects me sometimes, but thank God not all the time. I just get emotional for a while and then I let it pass and move on.




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