Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Week Of Weird-ness

My maid wrapped the unripe mangoes on our tress with newspaper. Well, this is the first time I'm seeing the mango tree in front of my house with newspaper-wrapped mangoes because we usually don't wrap them. As soon as it is ripe we eat them. So, it's not unusual for people to wrap their unripe fruits. You can see it almost everywhere. You can see it at your neighbours house or at an orchad. People do that to so that unwanted creatures such as the birds or the squirrels will not eat them. It's normal. But the reason why my maid wraps them? No no, it's not because of the birds and the squirrels.She does it so that the unwanted creature, the gardener's wife does not steal them. Seriously.
A friend gave my dad two grape plants. He got so excited. Most probably he pictures a vineyard (Malaysian style) behind our house. Just kidding, just kidding. It's weird(in a good way) to see him so engrossed with two small grape plants. He even bought wood to make some sort of frame so that this creeper like plant can...well..creep on it. I don't know a better way to describe it. Oh, and he asks me to sing to it everyday to ensure optimum growth. Not seriously.
Since it's been raining everyday, my mum has covered the soil with plastic bag so that it doesn't get too much water to avoid it from being drown...hehehe
Panda, my dog is not a dog. She's afraid of chickens, cats, rats and goats and she doesn't bothers to chase one. This reminds me of an incident where a goat(you see, my Taman is such a happening place. Sometimes, you'd be able to see goats lepaking around, because some of the Indians at the nearby ladang kelapa sawit rear goats [oh and this reminds me of another particular incident that happened long, long time ago. A time when my Taman was a happening place for the cows. Seriously. So. My brother and his girl friends were walking from/to..not sure..the kindergarten. And there was this cow roaming around and he got scared. Read carefully. HE got scared.Not SHE/THEY got scared. He thought the cow was chasing him..hehehe..oh Im so going to die for saying this]) Coming back, coming back...This reminds me of an incident where a goat came into the house compound. There, my dog was standing in front of the goat trying to prove her macho-ness but I know she's terrified to the max. Suddenly, the goat nudges my dog with its two horns. Ouch! I certainly didnt see that coming what more did my dog. Poor thing.
No no..that is not related to my week of weird-ness. Yesterday, Panda shared its dinner with a mouse. Seriously. Yuks. I've not seen a mouse/rat running around for many,many years. There I was standing, looking at my dog finish up her dinner outside of my house. It was at night. Then suddenly I saw this thing moving in the shadows. I looked closer. It was a small mouce and it was eating the grains of rice on the floor. What on earth was it doing there? It was not even scared of Panda or me standing there and this dog was not even aware of it....I find it weird.
What a weird week I tell you...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

OOoops!....abang already knows UPS & downs. :-)
Who else knows ah?

Last weekend was a busy one for me. Busy at YF. Busy at church. Busy at Sunday School. It's all worth it. Not for my own glory but for God's glory.It's so great to serve an awesome and holy God. I've really enjoyed myself the past three days at my church Sunday School's Vacational Fun Class. 231 children! Brats will be brats,but they are still so adorable and cute. When I look at those children, I imagine what they will be like when they grow up and how they'll look like.(oh, one of my hobbies is looking at people and figuring out what they might be thinking..hehehe) I imagine one fat boy to be a big sized man when he grows up, probably he'll be a businessman one day because I can already see dolar signs in his eyes. :p And then there's this cute and pretty girl, I think she's going to be a popular girl at secondary school with a lot of boys tagging behind her :-) I find them interesting to look at. Miniature human beings. Always feeling confused, always want attention, always want their way. Are we not like them also?

I admire my mum's faith (she's the ssch superintendent). People(and I'm one of them) did not believe that we could handle 231 children in our VFC. There are just too many kids to handle. What about space and man power? Who's going to control those kids?. Something which she said that struck me, 'when God sends these little children, we do not turn them away'.In the end, there were enough teachers and helpers. The church hall was just enough to fit everyone during worship and the main theme talks. Some who were not involved also came to show their support. My mum totally surrenders everything to God, and prayer has been an important part all this while. Everything went on so well during these 3 days that there weren't any problems at all. The weather was good it wasn't raining. Thank God! The teachers were able to control their own students. Those kids enjoyed themselves and their singing during worship really moved us. Now as they are back home with their family, playing, running, watching TV, or being a brat/clown in front of everyone, I pray that each one of them remember what they have learnt and keep in them the message and hope that they have heard and received.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What shall I put as title?

Back to the lowlands. The highlands was so cool and refreshing. I really needed that to release whatever stress I was facing (imagine being stressed during the holidays, it's terrible). Well unfortunately I didn't feel too good when I came back. I think yesterday was my lowest point(emotionally I guess) during the holidays because I just couldn't stop thinking about the situation that I'm in, the problem(not problems) that I'm facing right now and that someone. I'm so very geram. Thank God today I've cooled down a lot.
Note: Sorry to those who are reading my blog. Lately my posts have been rather on the down side. I really didn't expect things to be like this...
Church Family Camp was OK and not as bad as I have expected. Cheffoo Methodist Centre is a nice place to have a camp. It's so spacious with so many trees surrounding it. Oh, and I really miss 'sayang-ing' the big, fat brown dog that belongs to the caretaker....sob,sob... Anyway, I think I wouldn't have survive for three days if two most important people were not there-meng yee & paik shing.(YES, you meng yee :p, don't mind ya I mentioned your name..hehe). This is my first camp that I stayed up late because I was actually talking to someone. Seriously. Had a good time of sharing. I think I've learnt some things from you. :-) I was afraid this camp will not turn out well for me, but I was a bit wrong. Speaker was good. Thank God for people like paik shing to be my interpreter. Yes, this speaker spoke in Mandarin without translation! Actually I was prepared to read a book while he's speaking. After all there were only 2 theme talks so I didn't mind if I couldn't understand(remember, I was not thinking straight when I made the decision to join this camp) But thank God that He could still speak to me through this man despite of the language barrier. I learnt a lot from him. Well, what do I regret? I think I regret not spending time to talk to certain people, to that someone (Shy, shy) I wish I could mix more freely but again, I think it's the language barrier. I think it takes time but I wish language would not continue to be the major problem. (Yup, I know-learn Chinese! :-p)
Cameron Highlands always brings back a lot of good memories especially RBS 3 years ago. I miss the good things we experienced, the loads of fun we had and the frendships that were made. I miss going to T-Cafe(yummy food!). I miss looking at the stars at night or early mornings when we went jogging. I miss looking at the moving clouds that seem so close to us. I miss the sessions we had with different speakers and the morning devotions. I miss everything!
Oh well......


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