Friday, January 27, 2012

Random music.

I was browsing through my Youtube account and I suddenly remembered this video I recorded 4 years ago. It was a boring and lazy day, I was sitting in front of the piano, randomly playing tunes that came into my mind. This was one of them. The only one I recorded.

I tried playing it again. It's not that hard. There are so many (too many) repetitions and C major's my favourite chord. As I was looking at this video, it made reminisce on the things that happened 4 years ago, things that have changed and those that have not.

* 2007
* I had this silly crush
* I was healthy...and very thin
* Life was good. I enjoyed life in UM because I had such wonderful friends
* I was a student
* Everyone in the family was healthy.

*The cross from New Zealand and wall plaque are still hanging on that wall.
*I still wear that same T-shirt.
* We have new couch coverings now
* Same crush?
* I am more emo I guess
* I am still recovering
* I still have wonderful friends but very few close friends
*I am working
* Things have become more complicated
* I do not have my closest Aunt with me now

These are just a few of them....

Thursday, January 05, 2012


The new year has begun.

I can't tell you how many times I've opened the dashboard page and stared blankly at the screen without typing anything but I can tell you that it was more than 3 times.

It is a new year already. Christmas was nice with the whole family around. Sometimes you get so used to living with only 2 people and a dog around. So when the whole gang comes and lives with you for a few days, things get slightly different and maybe a little challenging, in a good way and never in a bad way. I actually had a slight headache on the first day when everyone was around. Things got much better after that. I miss them. I miss the nephews and nieces. I miss the noise. Now it's back to living with 2 people and a dog.

I like living with these 2 people and the dog. My parents have been a great help to me for the past 3 years since graduating. Great help in every aspect especially physically and spiritually.

God has been good.

I've not been appreciating the goodness He has shown to me. There has been too much of wallowing in self-pity. I still think of the past, of how it shouldn't have happened- of this..of that..of how I shouldn't have had certain conversations, of how I shouldn't have behaved in a certain way towards certain people, and because of those things, here I am, stuck in this position.

Negative thoughts, go away!

Oh dear, I've not told you about the things that happened on the first day of school and there's still much to say. I'm so sleepy. Maybe next time. Maybe on the next full moon.

Good night!

Sigh. Before that I go off.

The New Year has been treating me well. I keep comparing the events of last year with this year. Memories of hospital visits last keep flooding my mind. First day of school last year was spent on Bed 27, Ward 10B. First day of school this year was spent in school where it should be. This has been a big deal to me, to finally begin the first day of school. I was anticipating for it to happen because there was this fear in me that it will not happen again this year.

God has been so good even when I am sick and when I'm not. I just want to be thankful that I'm healthy - Today. At this very moment. What happens next I do not know, but I know He will still be good to me.

Won't put any pictures toady because it takes forever to upload even one picture. (I have Enoch's picture in mind)

Good night Ajay with the double you.


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