Friday, July 24, 2009


I went to PKV's Malam Suai Kenal last Wednesday and of course I had to look back 3 years ago when 'lets begin the semester with a BANG! (new beginning, new aspirations, new needs, new goals)' was my first PKV project. So for the first time sitting there as a graduating senior, I began to emo and at the same time wonder why must I get older so FAST.

I still remember Yew Kong telling me how everything was finally going to in my stress level was already at its max and I was ready to explode anytime.Oh boy..

And this was 3 years after 2006..

It was Clarence's turn this year.

Good Claudia!


So while I was looking for the 2006 MSK pictures, I came across some pictures from the year 2006 that I will not forget for a long, long time.

Choir took up a lot of my time in my first year. We were celebrating Richard Masinor's (our choir master) birthday and it was our first time seeing him blush like a tomato.

RBS 2003 alumni at RBS 2006 graduation. The reason why I still remember this picture is because on this day I had to sit for 3 exam papers in a row: 8.30am, 11.30am and 3pm. After finishing my last paper at 5pm, I swore to myself NEVER to take 3 subjects that had exams on the same day. Oh, and this was my first time seeing him (giving his presidential speech) and him here and I had no clue I'd be seeing them in PKV one & two years later.

Among all the PKV camps, I think I enjoyed this camp in 2006 the most. And who can forget Samuel with his long and silky hair...hehe.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh hello!

Look what I found in one of my Mum's banyak pasu bunga.

And I'm sure you know that I have an uncanny interest in Kerenggas. They all look alike. Bleh

So while I was in the pursuit of Kerenggas, I found this. Moss.

Don't you have anything else better to take?

No and I'm going to have all the time I want to take pictures of every leaf, flower, insect in Mummy's garden.

because I'm done. It's finished.....

I am not a student. I am not yet a graduate. I am jobless....almost wanted to say I'm useless, but..

Usually now I'd be on my way back to my sister's place in PJ, then have dinner with her, and then get ready for Ghost. Now it's all over. Teaching Practice is over and it's a new start to something which I don't know what it is.

Ever since our dear (and donkey) Government announced the change from English to Malay in Science and Mathematics, I've been having sleepless afternoon naps. I have so much to say but it's all useless. Yes, there are pros and cons in using English to teach. There was once when I myself found it hard to teach Science in English to the Orang Asli kids...



Change your mind set.

Students still need to learn even though it is not going be convenient for teachers like me (even though students will lose out on a lot in this stupid system).

Imagine if all teachers want convenience (in different forms), what's going to happen to our public schools? Die.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life in a bubble.

Life in a bubble?

Change. Change. Change!

I need to come out of my own bubble.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Debs, Knocks, and some of my Orang Asli Sunday School kids.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

What have I been up to on Sunday nights?

ever since I started staying at my sister's house that only has access to TV1, TV2, TV3, TV9 and 8TV?

Oh, and it's also because of Colin (front row, 2nd from the left) who was one of my teachers at Residential Bible School.

Go watch it! It's not a bad show.



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