Friday, June 29, 2007

Sigh.I don't know how. Sometimes it's hard to live a contented life.It's always about wanting more than what I have. The first quote from the previous post should remind me about something.Sigh. Yes, I've been sighing a lot lately.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

They said...

If you cannot get what you like,
why not try to like what you get?

Every man should keep a fair-sized cemetery
in which to bury the faults of his friends.

There is nothing progressive about being pig headed
and refusing to admit a mistake.

The blast of temptation struck down the leaves,

but the root stood fast

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I like surprises.Good ones.Not bad ones. :-|

Finally I'm finished!...well, not quite actually.Sigh.
Reading the book 'Daddy-Long'Legs' by Jean Webster was so refreshing like fresh air. It's something different from the usual books that I read. I'm the person that likes to read letters(but not write one..hehe) and this book is just perfect because the whole book is on the letters of Judy Abbot to Daddy-Long-Legs. And the feeling of finding out at the at end of the story that Daddy-Long-Legs is actually Master Jervie is so...nice...!

"It isn't the big troubles in life that require character. Anybody can rise to a crisis and face a crushing tragedy with courage, but to meet the petty hazards of the day with laugh--I really think that requires spirit."

"It's the kind of character that I'm going to develop. I am going to pretend that all life is just a game which I must play skillfully and fairly as I can. If I lose, I am going to shrug my shoulders and laugh-alsi if I win."

My hati still feels one kind.Sigh.
Hati saya rasa lain macam :-/

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I realised I don't blog the way I did many, many years ago. Last time I could I type a lot of words here because I knew not many(bordering to nil) people would read it but now I've become so conscious because so many people(well, not so many, but I know it's always more than nil..hehe)reads it including The-Brother-In-Law!...hehehe....

Today was my first time handling the Orang Asli Ministry, since Mum has already gone to Australia. Whoa, it was not easy I would say and now I have greater respect for my mum(hehe..) because she's the one who does most of the job by herself. She always tells me to have faith in God, always. And always rely in His strength and power because we can never do it by ourselves. And now I can see how she's able to do it every week without fail and she's already 62 years old.

It was a bit tough for me because I had to speak in Malay and my Malay is so rusty and broken. Oh dear, have to start polishing it....It was nice to see the smile on those little children and the naive look on some of their faces. I just hope and pray that these kids would commit their lives to the Lord and know that He is their Lord too.

The past week...
  • Few things were troubling me because I decided to finish up doing some CF stuff, and I've not done so. My brain was blank and I couldn't think. There's so much to think about, so much to plan but at times I felt a bit lost. I don't have much time....
  • I think I've gotten attached to Baby Enoch..hehe...he's so cute especially when he smiles and chuckles as if he understands what we're saying to him. And now he doesn't mind me carrying him! Oh, and it's so satisfying putting him to sleep...
  • My goodness, yesterday I put Debbie's napkin in the back was front and the front was back.Oops! And she slept all the way through like that until her daddy noticed it. Oops! So much of me being her good aunty and babysitter..hehe
  • Has been crazy-my thoughts about the future...sigh...
Now I'm off to Klang Jaya Gospel Hall Family Dinner with my dad. Who will I meet? Who will I talk to?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and in all discernment,
that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and wothout offense till the day of Christ.

O Lord, I pray that I make right decisions that are good.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To work! To work!
Got loads to do.
Got so much to think about.
Come on you!
Get up from this chair and start working!

Will be babysitting for another 3 more weeks but at the same time I've got to do a lot of CF stuff.
Oh dear.....I think I'm at lost at the moment.

O Lord, help me organize my thoughts and make them into action!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Many sighs....

So many things on my head at the moment. This thing. That thing. The other thing. And yes, that thing too. Not to forget a certain thing bugging me also. Oh, and I've to finish doing some things soon. So many things.
Tired. Tired. I like babysitting my nephew and neice. Maybe I'm not used to it. But I'm comforted by the little joys I get everyday.
I'm really not in the mood to arrange my timetable for the next semester. No mood at all.
Mum's going to Australia for 2 months. My goodness.
Tomorrow have to go help my mum in the Orang Asli Ministry. I've to take over while she's gone. I've to go every Saturday. It will be my first time.
I'm praying for my God to set my heart right and straight in certain things. I've strayed a little.
"Do you trust me?", my Lord asks me...
"You still got no boyfriend ah?", a certain church aunty always asks me this question...and today her voice was so clear in my head. Donkey lar.....

Yes, my mind is very berserabut now. I'm going to sleep.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This picture makes me laugh especially when I see Joshua's hands on Yew Kong's head.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Camp Cameron 2007

To that someone who asked me why I never update my blog, nah, here is a brand new post for you! And I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Apa-lah you... :-)

So I'll be talking about Camp Cameron 2007. It's been more than one week since I came back for Camerons. Ah, I miss that place so much. Oh how I wish my house is up there in the highlands. I still suffer from a minor degree of post camp sickness. I'd be thinking of what we were doing at this time during camp and I'd end up feeling a little bit blue.
  • I miss the lame jokes and laughters of my family members. My Grandpa Joshua always made us laugh a lot with his lame and sometimes not-so-lame jokes.hehe...
  • I miss both my Grandmas, although I'll be seeing Grandma Kim Cheng quite often :-)
  • I miss my Papa Chee Khoon who always begins his sentence by saying the phrase 'they say ah..'.We would wonder who are 'they'?
  • I miss the fried rice cooked by my family members using the leftover food. Fried rice will never taste the same again.
  • I miss expressions on Sundays where my chalet 8 gals and I would go and watch movie.
  • I miss my room-mates:Eveline, Lee Na and Yue Min. I miss the 'romantic light' Eveline always switches on before all of us sleep.hehe...
  • I miss teasing Aunty Nhãn and I miss her cheekiness that always made me laugh. I miss the conversations we had about our lives, our culture, and the struggles we face in both our countries.
  • I miss all the sessions we had during camp. I especially miss the Wordilicious Investigators on Philemon and Jude. The study on these 2 books reminded me on so many things. Bible Study has become more interesting to me now.
  • I miss the nature walk! This is my first time enjoying hiking after many previous hikings.No pressure at all!
  • I miss killing the flies! Oh, I'm an expert in it I must say. Killing flies is so satisfying and it's quite therapeutic you know. You should try it also!hehe..
  • I miss the quietness and serenity of Cameron Highlands.
  • I miss sitting on the steps of my chalet, looking at the hill in front of me and reflecting on so many things

So many things that I miss....

Yes, there is a time for everything. A time to experience the present moment and a time to remember the past. I've gained a lot from Camp Cam. It was a time for me to look at certain issues in my life and to come face to face with the hidden truths that I've taken for-granted for a long time. It's good that I deal with these issues, the sooner the better. Life's not easy for me. It may seem to be otherwise, but the truth is I struggle a lot. And these struggles are with people around me and this eventually lead to the struggles I face with myself as a person.

I was quite scared on the last day of camp. Yes, coming face to face with the issues of my life is not as hard compared to coming face to face with reality. Coming back home means that I need to do the things that I've committed to do once I leave camp-improving relationships, especially with my parents. It's not easy yet I thank the Lord for giving me courage to take the first step(during camp). And I pray that the many steps I take after that will bring blessing and joy to my parents and siblings as well.

Although we have met only for 3 weeks and it will be a long time till we meet again, I find it amazing how people can inspire and encourage one another within that short span of time. A group of people coming from different directions, we meet at the crossroads of our lives, we teach and encourage one another, and now each one of us are continuing on our journey at different directions.

I thank God for the abundance of life that He gives so freely to each one of us!

Give me life in Thy ways, O Lord!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Long time no updates. Yes, I came back many, many days ago.
Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.
Will write more when I'm not lazy.
Want to type something now but won't. Sleepy. Sleepy or lazy?
Have to get up early tomorrow.
Going to play piano for someone's wedding. Yikes. Wedding march and recession. Gasp!
Pray that my fingers will not panic, my dear little fingers.

I saw weird things today. This is one of them.


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