Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's 5:39 pm on this computer

Be prepared for a not so orgonized post.
Aiyoh. So many things on my mind. First of all, I am so frustrated with UM's registration system especially Science and Education faculties. There isn't any communication between the lecturers and the registration system. Some lecturers want their class to be small but then the registration system allows so many students to register for that subject. So when some of us 2nd year students enter our first class of that subject(actually meant for 2nd year students), the lecturer sees that the class is too big and therefore she easily says 'only 3rd and 4th year students can join this class. All first and second year students please leave'. It's so was so easy for her to say that without realising that once we drop that subject or any subject for that matter it's going to be so hard to replace the credit hours. So I lost 2 credit hours. Just like that.
And then, I don't know why of all subjects(abt 100 of the luar fakulti subjects) they had to close down 'Iklim dan manusia', the subject that I registered for. There goes another 2 credit hours. Stupid. I had to find a replacement for the 4 credit hrs I lost.
Ever since I was in secondary school, I hated public speaking. It's ok for me to speak in small groups or during a class presentation but to speak infront of people with a certain topic and only 5 mins to prepare is something that I really really dislike. Since I had so little c/h, most of the subjects are full and most of the 'interesting' luar fakulti subjects have been filled up, or it clashes with my other subjects....I was left with no other choice.......but to register for 'SPOKEN ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONALS'........aiyohhhh.........
And then when I went to that lecture, of all people I had to be the first one to go in front and introduce myself. We had to make it interesting blah, blah, blah...and we had to share our personal experiences. And there are only 10 people in that class. My goodness. But......good points for this class are:
1. Lecturer is so warm and friendly
2. She only gives positive comments to everyone(although some of the students bore all of us with their boring stories...I think I do also..hehe)
3. She also writes down comments on a piece of paper for everyone.
4. Everyone knows everyone in the class. 10 people only compared to our bio lectures with over 200 students in one class.
5.Hopefully I can speak better after this....hehehe
Well, still short of two credit hrs, but I think it's ok...At least I got more time for my three maths stubjects.
What's on my mind now ...
After posting this, I'm going for our Malam Suai Kenal comm meeting which Im in charge of. So many things to think about. Still short of RM300 and the event is next wednesday.Praying very hard about it.
I would really like if people would reply my smses especially when I have asked them about something very important example, if they can come for a meeting, or a practice,etc......bleh......I know, I'm such an impatient person, but not getting an answer makes me so frustrated....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

:-p :-) :-/ :-(

Got so much to write yet so little time.
  1. Got a room on the highest floor.Aiyoh. Then found out that my room mates are two Christian bumis, one from Sarawak, one from Sabah. Yay!.
  2. During geology class(pengenalan kdp mineral, batuan dan fossil), we were told to go look at the minerals and describe their characteristics.(according to structure, colour, fractures, etc). My answers: Mineral epidot-looks like a rock(duh, they all look like ordinary rocks to me), hornblende-has some funny lines on it, biotite-looks shiny, muscovite-looks like a plastic paper(oh, this one certainly doesn't look like a rock to me :p)...all stupid answers..what else to write?..hehe
  3. I'm taking three maths subjects. How crazy is that. Calculus, Probability and Maths Asas.
  4. Feels so great being a senior. Got a different feeling compared to the time when I was a junior.
  5. Still thinking about me and Unsettled Problem which I think we are going to remain like that for the rest of my life. Bleh.
  6. How is this semester going to be?busy?hectic?stressful? I commit all to God. I know that He has brought me this far to the place where I am now. There's no turning back. I will press on and I will go in the strength of the Lord...
  7. Me got to go balik now to kolej kediaman keempat.

Friday, July 07, 2006


A few more days and I will be a second year student. So much has happened in my first year. A lot of surprises, new friends, successes(hmmm....), disappointments, frustration and tears. So fast the holidays past by. Just like that. I thought I could settle some issues between me and The Problem, but it's left unsettled.
A new start in this new semester.
I was cracking my head on what the theme for PKV's Malam Suai Kenal should be. After the EXCO comm and Kim Cheng came up with the idea of BANG, then it got me thinking on how the theme is going to be connected to that word. We are going to begin this semester with a BANG! B-new Beginning, A-new Aspirations, N-new Needs, G-new Goals. I don't know what they are going to say about this theme at tomorrow's committee meeting. :-P MSK is my first project that I'm taking charge of. There were times when I was quite stressed because I didn't know what to do. Actually it was a last minute desicion because the person that was assigned by the comm couldn't take up this post. Oh well...I'm half excited and half nervous. So far I think everything is going on well. It's so hard to plan especially during the holidays because we don't meet people and it's hard to know whether they agree or not.
Nutty Friday
Last Friday, three nuts visited a got-life town named Banting. Although life was so evident at this place, one of the nuts said that this town got no life. Now, I wonder why this nut said that. Was it because of what he saw or did not see? Was it because he saw a Ten-Ten supermarket and not a Jusco?Was it because he saw two rows of old shop-houses and not two rows of tall buildings?
I wonder why...hmmmm
So these three nuts, a nut from Banting, and Not-A-Nut spent the whole Friday afternoon together. They went to a hill named Jugra hoping to catch the sunset. But before the sun even setted, some of the nuts decided that they begin their journey down the hill and head home for dinner because it was too hot for them to bear(especially that nut who wore jeans!)
After dinner it was time to say goodbye. The 4 nuts said their goodbyes to Not-A-Nut after dropping her at her house. The nuts were heading for Putrajaya to take photos of the bridges(macamlah tak pernah tengok jambatan). Being together for a few hours, the 4 nuts and Not-A-Nut enjoyed themselves(correct?) at this got-life town named Banting. Will they come back again? We shall see....


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