Wednesday, February 14, 2007

".....whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think about such things...."
Philippians 4:8

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Holidays are so nice. I don't need to worry or think about anything although there are certain important things I need to keep in mind for example Cognitive assignment and my CF's Committee Planning Retreat(which is not a real retreat) next week. Well, there is so much write in this blog of mine.

Last week, we finished most of our Biology labs and I can tell you how delightful I am. No more doing bacterial streaking and culturing them. We had to culture E.coli bacteria. Gasp! No more mating Drosophila flies (fruit flies). Imagine for 5 weeks we had to mate mutant flies to produce more mutant progenies. And then we had to allow incest(my Genetics lecturer likes to use this word) among the progenies to create even more mutants. This is what I had to endure.It was fun but counting those tiny creatures can be so daunting. Poor flies. Especially the mutant ones. Some of them have scarlet eyes. Some have very tiny and cacat-ed wings(vestigial). Some would be wondering why their bodies are so black from normal.

This is how we breed the flies

A mutant fly with scarlet(bright red) eyes

A normal fly
2 flies with small wings.Imagine how hard it is for them to fly.
Poor things. And I'm so symphatetic with these fellas :-)

Poor flies again. They were etherized until they all died.Wicked. May their spirits rest in peace

Once all the flies were counted and examined we had to discard them (yes, there is a proper way to throw them away) into a bottle filled with spirit. Now we wouldn't want to throw the flies away into a waste paper basket because if we did that, the fainted flies (those that didn't really die) would wake up and territorize the lab. That would certainly be disastrous. *In a serious tone*....hehe...

Now, we must be careful not to provoke the flies. Terrible things might happen to us. It happened to my lab-mate, Miss Wong. She accidentally knocked the not-closed spirit+flies bottle and the spirit+flies spilled onto her lab coat. *Shocked!* As I said, may the spirits of the disturbed flies rest in peace. :-)

To Miss Wong, it was fun having you as a lab-mate!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


People take their dogs out in the evenings, I like to take my dog out at night. People take photos during the day, I take photos at night.

During our free time, we residents of this housing area like to go around and erase letters on the road signs. From Jalan Cempaka to Jalan Cempak.Fantastic.

Panda and my shadow

Look! She is a tail-less dog! Someone threw her in front of my house when she was just a puppy. That cruel fellow also cut her tail off. Sick person I tell you.

Friday, February 02, 2007


The week that was. So different. But was still calm despite of everything.
I was reminiscing on my childhood and my younger days. There were so many things that happened and changed over the years. Good things. Bad things. There were some people who were in my life at one point but after a while everything changed...gradually.
  1. When I was young (about 7 to 8 years), I liked to play with those small black beetles. These creatures visit my house quite often. So how did I play with them? First, I'd arrange them in a row and have a small race on my own, see who's the fastest to reach the final point. Secondly, I liked to throw the small beetle into the air. You know when you throw them then they will fly and not fall down. It's like as if I had some sort of magic powers, I could make the beetle fly when I threw it up into the air.hehe..But of course this doesn't include the sick beetles. You'd throw them and they still ended up falling down to the ground.ouch..
  2. I used to go to my Indian neighbour's house to play masak-masak. The irony is, she was my enemy. I didn't like her, and most probably she didn't like me too. She used to bully a Chinese girl in front of her house. But, I guess the word 'enemy' didn't really mean much to me. As long as I could enjoy myself then it's enough.
  3. The furthest I can remember doing (when I was about 2-3 years old) was playing ball catching with my brother, Mike(15-16years old). This is the only thing I can remember when I was that age. I can't remember anything else before 3 years old.
  4. When I was 11-12 years old I used to go to my another neighbour's house to play badminton(yes,you shutzeyuh, if you still remember..hehe) with another boy by the name of Johan Arif. I can't remember who else played. But I remember that Johan's smashes were super strong.
  5. I used to play a lot with a girl who lived(and still is living) a few houses away from mine. We used to be so close at that time. We played masak-masak and other silly games. But things started to change when we went to secondary school. She had her new group of friends(and I had mine).
  6. Last time I had a Malay girl friend. Her name is Diana. I used to go to her house just a few blocks away from my house. One day, Diana, another girl Baiduri and I were playing something, some English game thingy. Baiduri was supposed to pronounce 'Banana' but she said 'Babana' instead. All of us couldn't stop laughing. I don't know why I remember this till today. And I remember how I, Diana and some other friends used to go to the town library once in a while to borrow books to read or even played chess in the library itself.
  7. During standard 5/6, I was quite close to a girl named Farhana. She was quite weak in Maths and I remember helping her quite a number of times. But she was a very friendly and humble person. Wonder where she is now.
  8. Me and my primary school friends(standard5/6) had our first knowledge on what 'puppy love' is when a boy by the name of Koh Tian Ford had a crush on our friend named Soon. I remember all the giggles and gossips from all of my girl friends.hehe..
  9. When I was in kindergarten(6 years old), we used to play 'The Hungry Bad Wolf' during our recess time. One person will lean onto the wall with his back facing us. We will then ask him' What time is it Mr. Wolf?' and he will answer back, 'it's 6 o' clock'. We keep on asking the same question. If he answers 'it's dinner time', he will start to chase everyone and try to catch someone.
  10. I remember in standard 2, me and all of my classmates(Rumah Merah) had to dance using coconut shells. It's more of a syncronized movement rather than a dance. I remember the teacher used Kitaro's instumental piece as the background music.So funny.The whole class performed during sports day and I think we really enjoyed it lot. It was my first time perfoming in front of a big audience.
Coming back to the year 2007. I think I have forgotten what is it like to have a Malay girl or a guy as a close friend or having Malay friends for that matter. My primary and secondary school (not including Form 6) have taught me how to mix with Malays, Indians and Chinese. But since going to Form 6 I have lost touch with the Malays, and at university, I have lost touch with both the Malays and the Indians. I really miss mixing with them and doing things together and this is truly a sad thing....


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