Thursday, October 23, 2008

Knocks and Debs

I like this!

Yes! Doesn't she look like Edna from 'The Incredibles'?


She posed for me. Emo betul. hehe



Her favourite pose







Wednesday, October 15, 2008


.....kepada SYABAS kerana membekalkan air berwarna kuning kepada penghuni Kolej Kediaman Keempat!

Aah. There is no water in the whole university. Oh well. I'm alright. No big deal (yeah right). Actually I can still bathe with one pail of water. But I definitely need to boil mineral water to make my cereal or coffee. Please don't expect me to use the yellow water to make my drinks. Oh dear.

Well, this is uni life. I still got few more months to do the things that I won't be doing after that, like struggling to carry 1 pail of water and 2 bottles from the car park all the way to the 2nd floor and up to the end of the block which is like so FAR away.

Well, who knows. Maybe this is how God is trying to prepare me for some ulu place which He's going to send me to in the future. Who knows maybe I would need to carry buckets of water from the river to my small hut which is going to be far, far away and up a hill.


Monday, October 13, 2008

My Panda is back!

I thank God. Now I really know what it is to rediscover something that was lost. Like what Philip Yancey wrote in his book 'What's so amazing about grace', to lose, and then find...makes the owner happier than the day she got it in the first place.

Lately it's been a dry spell. I don't know what pictures to take. Was thinking...I WILL one day attempt street photography because I find it interesting. (when I have the time..and a better camera..hehe)

Oh well.

Just now, in the evening, my room was dark, and the sky was so orange-y. I felt that my room had a nice feeling to it, and my room-mate was studying. I felt..I should capture that moment.

Yesterday, it rained in Banting, and again I was looking for spider webs after the rained stop.


And then I saw some usual..hehe

Oh, and another thing. I usually take pictures to de-stress myself. So can roughly guess what I'm feeling right now.


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