Sunday, May 13, 2007


Oh dear, I've to quickly type this. Got to sleep soon!

I knew I had lots to say the past few days and I wanted to write about so many things but it was sheer laziness that prevented me from doing so. For example I wanted to say that I realy,really like Clay Aiken. I think he's the best male singer from American Idol, far better than Blake or Phil or even Chris from this year's AI.That Ruben Studdard shouldn't have won in the first place. And he's so funny! I really laughed a lot till my tears came out when I was watching him on Youtube.

And another thing I wanted to write was about hornbills. About three years ago,I took a few photos on some hornbills that visited my housing area. Hornbills! And you thought you'd only see them in Sarawak or at a zoo. Well, I've scanned some the pictures that I took from an analog camera. Cool eh? They do occasionally fly around this area. Don't ask me why.

Next thing that I wanted to write was on Mother's Day. There's so much to say about my mother. I've learnt a lot from her although I don't really say it to her about that (I know I should). One thing which she(and my dad also) inspires me is on godliness, of how her relationship with God is clearly seen in her life and in the words that she speak. I know I'm a person of few words(hehe..), but I really appreaciate what she has done for me. Although I don't say it but I do really mean it. And I do feel bad(and guilty too) whenever I've hurt her feelings. I try not too say or do something wrong but sometimes(most of the times) it just happens suddenly and out of control. Well, I still pray and ask God to help me be a better daughter. I really do :-)

I love you!

my mother+miniature ajw

I'm in such a hurry to sleep because I'll be away for Camp Cameron from tomorrow onwards till 2nd of June. 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS! So, to all you silent and invisible readers of this blog of mine, you can make yourself known (and those whom I really DON'T KNOW who you are..hehe) by writing to me. I like surprises you know :-) You can write to me at this address but I'll be at this place only for 3 weeks.


Lutheran Lakeview Chalets,
31 1/2 miles,
39200 RINGLET,Cameron Highlands.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Darn it. Seems like a tough decision to make. Should I go or don't go? I just finished printing everything. Should I follow my dad to PJ in approx. 5 hours and go to uni to hand them in, the reports and MSK proposal? That new fellow who approves it is so very forgetful and he has a history of misplacing all my previous proposals and even forgetting about them. It's good to hand it in earlier although we are only required to hand the proposal 2 weeks before the project, and in this case MSK is on 25th of July. It seems better to hand it in June so it won't be easily misplaced and forgotten by that fellow. Should I? Should I go?!

*Continue thinking and praying. Sigh.

*After contemplating for about 15 minutes and looking at the calender a few times, I've decided to go on the first week of June. Sigh. What a tough decision to make.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Oh well, with all the 'hype' and the mixture of emotions that I've went through the past week to the point where my brother called me! Until last week I didn't actually realise that quite a few 'important', 'invisible' and 'silent' people do read my blog. It's not like I want the whole world to know. It's just that I got nowhere else to rant and what I put here is less than 1% of what I actually face and feel.

Just to cheer myself up.

This is Mike the Monkey! First things first. I chose the name NOT because it's my brother's name. The name just popped up in my head as soon as I saw this fellow.Plus, the name Philip the Monkey, or Raymond the Monkey just doesn't sound nice.
You see, staying at Uni can get so dull and boring at times. There were days where I'd stare out my window and just daydream and daydream. And then suddenly, I would find myself staring at a monkey's face just a few centrimetres away.

Sometimes they would bring an inquisitive friend/brother/sister/father/long-lost-brother along which makes it more interesting. Monkeys....I'd say that they're interesting creatures. But some would certainly beg to differ. For example, those who've had a monkey(or few monkeys) making havoc in their room. Oh yeah, I've heard of some terrible and horrifying stories but until I've experience that (I hope not), I would still think that monkeys are an adorable lot.


Now, I've got to attend a camp committee meeting but I won't be attending the camp itself and after that I'll be staying at my sister's place at Sunway for the night. Ah, finally something different.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Today is a terrible, terrible, horrible day. Cried because of a trivial thing but it's much, much more deeper than that. I can't bear to face the after effects. Argh!


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