Monday, July 21, 2008


Ooh. After three years and I finally have internet access in my college room. (I know, I know it's all because of you Michael. I don't say your name, nanti I'll kena from you..hehe).

So, for my first post from my room, I've decided to put caterpillar pictures.

This is so ME right?


Aah. Hands were shaky and it was getting dark. Not too happy with the pics. But oh well. It's amazing to know how it actually looks like. I didn't know its legs look like that. Tiny little flaps stuck together.






Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good news.

Doctor has reduced my steroid pills from 10 to 8. This is for 2 weeks. And then, I will be taking 6,5 and 4 pills every 2 weeks. How do I feel? Happy of course! And there's more. This doctor and an SLE society counselor were surprised that my face isn't so rounded. (yes, steroids is supposed to make my face puffed up). She even asked me whether I've been taking my pills everyday. Well OF COURSE!

Overall, everything is fine and is under controlled. Blood test result was very good and I am feeling very good. (but a wee bit tired sometimes if the day is packed with classes). Other than that, I'm alright!

Oh, and my skin is fantastic! hehe. I don't have any sun spots on my hands or my face but ONLY 5 very small faded spots on my legs. This is like less than 2 months since I was out of the hospital which is a good thing. I thought I would have rashes, but nopes, there isn't any.

Aah. But I'll be seeing my skin doctor this Tuesday. Sigh. I've to skip classes AGAIN.

Everyday I take: 8 steroids+1 anti-malarial pill+2 calciterol+1 calcium+4 supplement pills. Fuh, 16 pills. Before this it was 18 pills.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Updates! (with pictures of course)

Be prepared for a rather lengthy post.

Yes,classes started last Monday and I can tell you that it was a tremendous week for me and I experienced so many of God's blessings. Seriously. I'm not lying.

There are only few special moments between me and another person that make my heart melt. Sometimes I feel that I am so undeserving to receive such a response for so a person. What have I done to receive such kindness and appreciation?

Last Tuesday my heart was so touched and this feeling I had was something I never experienced before. And I asked God why did he seperate us? This was my first time having such a friend as her in college and I hoped I could so something more.

My ex-room-mate, Alli and I bumped into each other at the dining hall. I was so surprised to see her being so surprised to see me. I thought she would just smile and greet me with a few words but no. We shook hands and then we started talking. I really wanted to see her but did not have the time. And so she told me how lonely she was in her room, how her new room-mate was so boring.

But it's not the words that she spoke but the tears that filled her eyes, that touched my heart so much. .She was too happy to see me. Of course I was happy to see her , but I did not expect her to be like that.hmmm...I think it's because I wrote her a rather lengthy note before I left last semester....maybe it's because of that?...

This is something that I've been praying for the whole of last semester, that I be a good friend to her not only as a room-mate.

You know, I have this very interesting of the nights(if I'm free), I'm going to carry my bottle of mixed nuts with me, and then walk to Alli's room and spend some time talking to her(if she's free too)...and also my other ex-roomie, Lintau. Sometimes my room is too quiet.


Other interesting events,

  • I dissected a mouse that reminded me of Reepicheep, Peepicheep and the rat in Ratatoille. It was so interesting to see the bloodied organs on a dead mouse that was 'terpelanting' on the rubber board. Oh my...
  • God answered my prayers during the last week. I wanted to meet a Punjabi Christian girl during dinner, and whaddayaknow, she messaged me instead! Had a great time catching up with her and also talking about punjabis and their religion.
  • I was really hoping to meet a Christian junior at 4th, and whaddayaknow, during lunch I saw a girl wearing the 'oh-so-famous' FES Legacy Live T-shirt. And of course I seized the oppurtunity and talked to her :-) very good!!
  • My lecturer is so kind that she allowed me to register her subject that is clashing 30minutes with another subject. I tell you, the world would be a miserable place without such kind hearted lecturers.
  • My two new room-mates are nice girls but rather quiet. One is from Banting!
  • I had few meaningful conversations with different people especially the juniors. It was good.
  • I have started to do journalling (a proper one) again which I think is good (for me at least).


You know, taking pictures de-stresses me, at least for a while. :-)

Everyone knows why I love the sunIMG_9708a

It's a baby dragonfly!






Mangosteens from the William Mangosteen tree.IMG_9699

Why I like ants. Red ants only.IMG_9784a


An ant carrying a dead relative.hehe (It would be so nice if this picture was much sharper)






And when I'm bored and the 2 girls are not in, I do this...IMG_9668


Tomorrow will be my first check up! I am nervous.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Miniature Human Beings

Debbie Debsy and Knocky Knocks.















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