Saturday, April 18, 2009


You have many friends but the degree of friendship for each person is different.

You are close to some because they talk like you. They think like you. They are loud (or soft) like you. They say the things you want (and like) to listen.

You are not so close to some because they don't seem into you. They are different. When they say something, you give that look and wonder whether what they are saying makes sense. You show them the face. They don't seem to impress you. No matter how hard they try, they are still your friend but they can never be your close friend.

What is a true friend? Must you need someone who can impress you, to be your true friend? And those who can't impress you remains in that list of friends whom you only talk to when you are...extremely bored..or when the interesting friends are not around you at the moment..

I'm not referring to a particular
person or a group of people.
I was reflecting on my life.
At the end of the day,
my confidence does not depend on other people or on myself.
My confidence comes from God.
People may fail you but He never does.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I wasted..

1 year and 7 months.

and that is so sad.

and you're not bothered at all.


Wait for me....
I have a reflection coming up about my last days in UM.
Wait for me....
Cos I have a test this coming Wednesday.

I think my Panda The Dog had a stroke (or my Mum accidentally pulled her chain too hard). Her head is tilted to the right and she looks so pathetic. I got a shock of my life. Why oh why. She's around 12 years old. Can you tell me it's normal for a dog to walk with her head like that?



My good friend adviced me (after seeing my MSN status), 'Shoot the fella who makes you feel like an idiot, and then repent'



Come save me please.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kau sudah pergi...

Sayu terpisah..
Hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
Berhembus angin rindu
Begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu
Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
Tak lagi kudengari
Kau pergi.. pergi..
Sepi tanpa kata
Terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau kulupa
Apa pun kata mereka
Biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia

If you are a Malaysian, you must watch Talentime.


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