Sunday, October 24, 2010



Today my Mother told me (and Enoch) about the Sewing Machine. Many years ago, right after my parents got married, my Mother wanted to buy a second hand sewing machine. Being teachers at that time, they couldn't afford to buy expensive things.

So she gave my Daddy the money for him to buy the machine.

But, to her surprise he added to that money and bought a spanking new machine for her.

My Daddy always provides for his family just like how our Heavenly Father provides for His children.


More pictures here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The other day I was talking to my Mum. I told her about my friend who caught a very 'Big Fish' (...*Choong*..hehe)

Then I said most of the girls here caught 'Ikan Bilis' or anchovies..(it's not a bad thing)

Then she said she caught a 'Catfish'. I asked her why a Catfish? Then she said it's a type of 'Longkang-fish'..hehe

Then she added further and said it was her BEST CATCH.


For me, not even a Frog is in sight...(or is it the other way round?)


Monday, October 04, 2010


* More pictures later.
* Look at my previous post.
* I have so many backdated pictures.

Mini Holiday.

Last week, the staff of Mangosteen School had to attend a one-night 'Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (LADAP)' at Port Dickson. I called it a mini holiday because it really felt like a holiday despite the 3 boring talks.

But what made it more fun was the people whom I was with...well, actually only 3 people out of about 70. The rest of them are plain boring...

..and I almost went for a sauna with the 2 of them, but decided to stay back for my beauty sleep. Oh yes, we had lots of time to ourselves. The four of us walked on the beach. We dug small 'kerangs' from the sand. We talked. We complained about other teachers (hehe).

The view from my room.

Suat Li, Kim Cheng and Rene

...and then there was a surprise awaiting me on the last day.

All pictures were taken by Canny the Canon camera. I was too lazy to lug the huge camera around.


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