Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Science and Mathematics week @ Mangosteen School

Pn Rene, the teacher on the right,is the nicest teacher in school. Because of her, I don't think I'd want to move up to the morning session anytime soon. I had no idea what the PK1 was doing. I think nothing happened after she poured the green liquid. *thinks back* Oh, now I know. She was pouring vinegar into the bicarbonate solution and it was supposed to create that 'volcanic' effect but nothing really happened. Duh.

There was also a failed attempt to throw some balloons (with Science riddles attached to them) from the 1st floor. The students didn't really 'throw' the balloons and it all ended up in the drain. Grr.

Overall, it went on well. I had a good response for my 'Fun Science Riddles' competition throughout the week. It was nice to see students coming up to me, asking me for more clues.

'What fruit has its seeds on the outside?'

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Punjabi wedding.

I've never been to a Punjabi wedding (dinner). The ceremony was done earlier at the Sikh temple. It was interesting to see so many people dressed up in bright colours and it was such a jolly occasion. Tried to take a few pictures but everything happened too fast.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The sun was scorching hot!

Mangosteen School's sports day.

Went on pretty well for like, 20 minutes, then it was chaos.

I saw the morning sun rising slowly, and it reminded me of my school days. Stadium Jugra is ancient. We had all our school sports here since I was in Standard 1. Now I come back as a teacher.

This lonely man was staring at the camera (or me?) for so long.

I have a heart for Orang Asli kids. I first got to know them in our Sunday School. I also meet many of them at my school but they're from a different kampung. Reni, the girl in the middle is in my class and she is one of the smartest girl I've met.

This boy is from the remove class. I think all the Indian boys in my school look so cute when they're small. But this one's cute AND mischevious.

All the girls except 2 of them are from my class, 1 Zamrud

The Indian girls are cute too! And they're so polite. These are the girls from the remove class, except the middle girl.

Hafiq is the only boy in the Most Dreaded class whom I really adore. The rest of them are monsters. He was the mascot of my house, the green house.

He looked very striking under the hot sun.

One word. BRAT.

Me fellow comrade, Issma. She was posted to my school a few months before me. We both understand each other's struggles and frustration as fresh graduates.


I really would like to teach Biology to eager students but I seem to rotting (fast) as I teach Science to the Form 2 monkeys. I really don't mind teaching, but who won't get so frustrated if they're given mostly the Last Classes to teach?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fleeting, this life.

The uncle from Taiwan visited us after many years and he wanted to visit the place Grandpa and Granny were buried. I've not been to this cemetery since Granny passed away which was 12 years ago.

Then we visited Amma's (my father's mother) grave. She passed away in 1982.

My Grandpa, the son of Barnabas Chang, founder of TJC...hehe.

My dad and I were walking and we came across a tombstone with the name 'Napoleon' on it. Daddy said he knew this 'Napoleon' fellow from school. 'How many Napoleons are there in this world?', he asked...hehe

And then we passed another tombstone with the name 'Possible' on it. Dad also knew this guy from school. Wife's name was 'Impossible'

Then we went to Sunway for dinner. Enoch as usual has to stick his tongue out. Look at Hamster!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Both sky and girl were blue.


Life has been so crazy.

The sky was so blue and the cactus plant had a flower on it.

The crazy things people-with-no-life do; like carrying the whole pot of cactus and putting it on the grass, so that the sun can shine on it, with the blue sky behind it.



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