Monday, November 12, 2012


There's no time for regrets but how can one not have the feeling of being regretful. Is it possible to be regretful for an action that was done unintentionally?

I may have unintentionally scared certain people away and this makes me feel so regretful. I should have behaved or spoke in a certain way...I might not end up the in this situation I am in today.

I may have also unintentionally scared certain boys away because of what I have in me and this makes me feel..not regretful, but sad. I understand....I mean, how many of us want to end up with someone with Lupus or Multiple Sceloris or a debilitating disease? It's a tough decision.

So how do I live everyday knowing that I may never have a family of my own or a chance to be with someone for the rest of my life? (the personification of that someone comes into my mind)

"Aloneness does not have to mean loneliness" - Josh Grogan author of 'Marley ans Me)

God is enough.

and some dogs too....

May He give me the strength to face whatever the future holds for me.

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