Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A gruesome discovery

Naomi. Not so little anymore. I love her curly locks.

Started off my new year with the discovery of a gruesome murder at the William residence. Loopy and Potty brutally murdered a poor, young cat at 3am. Their barks woke me up and I was thinking to myself  'oh, no..hope it's not another cobra'. Then Dad woke up and had a  look outside and saw a cat on the ladder. It was so terrified that it ran and hid underneath the car. Wrong move. Wrong timing. Loopy and his accomplice managed to bite it. And then it died.

Both murder suspects where then apprehended and chained the whole morning and were released at approximately 12pm. They were found to be innocent. The defense team won on the account that suspects were merely protecting the house of their beloved owner.

The murderers struck again.

At approximately 6.30pm, a body of a squirrel was discovered at the William residence. Both suspects were seated next to body, feeling proud of their actions. Both suspects were then apprehended and questioned thoroughly. They were again found to be innocent. The defense team won again, on the account that the two suspects were merely protecting their dignity and honour.

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walau.....killing spree?...


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