Monday, June 24, 2013



I am currently on the following medications.
10 mg prednisolone, 5 pills of Cellcept, 2 pills of Plaquenil, 40mg Micardis, Calciterol, and a whole lot of supplements : Calcium, Omega Fish Oil, Iron, Folic Acid, B-Complex and Co-Quinone.
My doctor wants to try me on Benlysta hopefully by next month. I really do not know the outcome of it but reading the long list of side effects is really depressing....
My brother says it's good. All doctors will say it's good without emphasizing on the side effects.


lupie said...

Hello Mrs. Sam!!

Thank you for dropping by my blog! How are you?

Benlysta ... already here? In Malaysia?? Which hospital?

Hope Benlysta will work wonders for you! :)

Take care my dear friend!

adelene joyce said...
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adelene joyce said...

Hi! I'm not mrs Sam..probably a different person?..hehe..anyway, my name is Adelene and I commented on your blog post.

Selayang hospital has benlysta but my doc is putting it on hold first cos I need to treat my kidneys first. Benlysta is still being researched for the kidneys and has little effect on the kidneys..


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